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8 Ways is a media agency specializes in providing services that focus on creativity and technological trends.

Four season property

FOUR SEASONS PROPERTY is specialized in the real estate and concierge business.


LibrIT is a french open source company which offer engineering consulting for companies.


We start invasion on North America

  With a such title, NSA is now aware that Invasion eSport arrives! Today, we are happy to welcome Pandabearme in our family. The young Zerg is officially the first Invasion eSport player in North America. He will be able to train with the rest of the team and to...

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After a rude selection…

Recently some players were looking for new teams. Some of them were interessed by us and have accepted to pass through our selection system. Some made it other didn’t. At the end, we’ve decided to keep two of them, let me intuduce them

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He left…

Sad news this week for Invasion. The first one is about DRG.

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Lambo - Invasion eSport

Lambo - Invasion eSport

Zerg - DE

Harstem - Invasion eSport

Harstem - Invasion eSport

Protoss - NL

Theo - Invasion eSport

Theo - Invasion eSport

Protoss - DK

Quent- Invasion eSport

Quent- Invasion eSport

Protoss - FR

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About us

Invasion eSport is a french non-profit association managed by five members. They are all passionate about e-sports and are enthusiastic about building this pro team in Starcraft 2. Our main purpose is to create a professional atmosphere and home for both our Korean and European players.

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Financial support

During 2015, the team is strongly supported by several companies and run by a bunch of starcraft II fans.